Dream Dress
Brand Ambassadors

Applications CLOSE August 15


What are the PERKS of being a SHP Dream Dress Brand Ambassador?

  • 3+ dream dress shoots throughout your term ($975 value!)

  • ONE bring-a-friend Dream Dress session!! ($400 value!)

  • video highlight of your sessions throughout your term ($250 value!)

  • be the first to shoot new dresses, themes and projects!

  • digitals from EVERY dream dress shoot ($250+ value each session!)

  • Brand Ambassador ONLY discounted price for your full term

  • 20% discount prints, wall art, and photo gifts purchased during your term

  • 25% off non-dream dress session fees booked during your term


What is the JOB of a Brand Ambassador?

We are looking for those who LOVE our brand. Genuinely have an interest in our work, will share our website, products, tag us, will share our Facebook groups and will invite fellow mom friends to our VIP group. To spread our mission of empowering girls by sharing YOUR own Dream Dress session images. To be active in and on our social platforms as well as be a group moderator in our private FB group. Post WEEKLY to the facebook group-engaging topics, memes, questions or sharing your images. To support and uplift other moms in the group. To help answer questions. To engage with our followers. Promote promos, specials, giveaways, etc.

Digital Marketing


Who is perfect for the job?

A Mama & Daughter (dress size 2T-12y) duo who:

  • can commit to posting images from the dream dress sessions twice a month to their personal social medias (mom)

  • loves to play dress up and/or be in front of the camera (daughter)

  • LOVE Sarah Hutchings Photography and are excited to share the brand mission with friends!

  • currently comment, share and support others in our VIP Mom group. If you have not yet engaged now would be a great time if chosen.

  • MUST be in our new VIP Group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/momsquadbyshp)

  • If selected must add Sarah to your Facebook and Instagram accounts (to confirm contract is being upheld as well as assist with any questions publicly asked)

  • Must have an Instagram account AND Facebook

  • Must be willing to be a moderator in the Facebook Group

  • Must be willing to post in the Facebook Group weekly

  • Must be willing to share your session images on YOUR social media 

  • Must NOT use session for royalties (ex: commercial work, publishings, clothing brands etc). Doing so, will cease the contract and yield an invoice sent to you for the full price of your sessions.

  • Must tag Sarah Hutchings Photography in your posts 

  • Must be friendly and relatable

  • MUST sign a full model release

  • Must sign brand ambassador 6 month contract

  • Must NOT be an ambassador for another photographer

  • Must not be another photographer

  • Must be comfortable with being in photo and on video, both.

  • ALL shapes, sizes (restricted only to dresses in our client wardrobe!), ethnicity welcome!



Please note: we can terminate a collaboration at ANY time without any reason given. If you are not adhering to the above- your term will be terminated with us.