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Updated: Jan 1

For the past 5 years I have loved capturing your families, weddings and everything in-between. It is because of the amazing support of my clients that I have decided to change things up in 2021, and focus on what I am truly passionate about - Empowering ladies of all ages, and reminding them to love themselves in the skin they’re in.


Starting in 2021 I will be focused on Boudoir + Dreamers Sessions. I will still do family + lifestyle sessions for my past clients who have been coming to me for years, don’t worry! I wouldn’t abandon you ;)


More than fifteen years ago, I picked up a camera because I wanted to make people feel special.

Like many, I was bullied as a child for my physical attributes, and I wished for nothing more than to feel truly beautiful, like a model or a princess. However, that wasn’t really an option back then. If you’re familiar with the story of how I went from hobbyist to Pro, then you know that I started my photography business after my little brother was in a long-boarding accident and fell into a three day coma.

While he was in the hospital, I realized that we barely had any quality images of us and our family together. –Well, aside from those Mall pictures, of course.

But unfortunately, those classic Mall pictures didn’t cut it for the kind of family memories I wanted to have captured in physical form. Instead, the photos I found myself really wishing we had, were of us all living in the moment together. Nothing forced or faked… and definitely nothing that belongs in a Tumblr post for horrible-90s-poses 😄 So, that’s when I decided to start Sarah Hutchings Photography (SHP) - so I could provide that opportunity and experience for other families, and physically capture those fun, candid moments that all family’s share. If this is the first time you’re hearing about SHP’s origin story, you’ll be happy to know that my brother has since recovered from his accident and is currently earning his Doctorate in PT so he can help kids who experienced similar trauma.

Well, with him being the impetus that lead to me to start SHP, and with there being so much free time this year to reflect on things, I realized that what I truly love doing is using photography as a way to positively transform one’s idea of themselves in real-time.

This year, we’ve experienced about a decade’s worth of history in less than 365 days, and with most of those days spent indoors and alone, or with family — society at large is starting to recognize the inner-struggle that most humans deal with on a daily basis: the ability to give oneself unconditional love, compassion, and understanding.

That is why in 2021 I will be prioritizing my focus on Dreamers Sessions - for children who’d love to live out their daydream, and Boudoir Sessions - for adults who’ve chosen to love the skin they’re in.


These are for the Little Ladies in your life. Sessions start with some princess pampering, then your little dreamer will try on her favorite of my studio couture gowns (sizes nb- youth 15), and then we have our shoot! We shoot for about an hour. Are you ready for the most exciting part? After you come back from a fun parent/chaperone + dreamer date, you get to see your images + customize your album, same day!

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These spicy sessions are for the Mama’s, Auntie’s, and anyone else who is ready to embrace the skin they’re in. These sessions start with professional hair and makeup, we’ll go through each outfit you brought and plan out which set we will shoot with each. Once you finish in hair and makeup we start your shoot! We typically shoot for about an hour. I pose you from what to do toes, all the way to the expression on your face. I’ve got you girl, all you need to do is show up! ;)

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