Our Origin Story | Sarah Hutchings Photography | Bucks County PA

Updated: Jan 1

I can remember going through the box of family pictures when I was younger and being upset by the lack of real family moments. My parents loved taking pictures, but the problem was that they weren’t IN them, and now we’re all big and getting everyone together for a photo is like pulling teeth. Of course, we have the mall family portraits, where all we remember was who was pulling who’s hair in the car, or who was having a tantrum in the parking lot… it was never a fun OR happy experience for us.

When I was 22 my little brother fell off his longboard and went into a three day coma. This hit our family HARD. Each hour felt a day long, waiting for updates and good news.

We went through our phones, his social media, old photo albums, anything we could find to make little projects to remember the happier moments and decorate his hospital room. Not finding much in the way of memories we had to settle with silly pictures, mostly from birthday parties and pictures of him by himself because that was all we could find.

We were blessed that he came out of his coma and has recovered, and you can bet the first thing I did when he was out of rehab was take his picture (left, the spot he fell)! You'll be happy to know that my brother has since recovered from his accident and is currently earning his Doctorate in PT(pictured right, first day of PT school - proud big sis moment!) so he can help kids who experienced similar trauma.

This was my wake up call, I grabbed the chance to make + capture more memories while we still have the people that matter most.

I am passionate about capturing your family, because I know how short life can be and we need to make the most of everyday. Not only am I dedicated to capturing your family in a way that you will be proud of, but I am dedicated to creating a fabulous experience for you. <3