Small Biz Shoutout: Chatter Splatter | Family + Children's Photographer | Sarah Hutchings Photograph

Hey there!! Welcome to my new series: Small Biz Shoutouts.

Occasionally when we go out and about to local businesses, purchase handmade goodies or treats, I bring my camera along and capture some memories for the books (literally😉). When I find myself loving what the business has to offer, I immediately want to share it with everyone! So why not use my photos and tell you a story about our experiences?

Have you heard about Chatter Splatter?

When I first heard about Chatter Splatter I was pregnant with Kieran. I was anxious for him to be here so we could go play! And then the virus hit... so when they opened back up we got our tickets ASAP! It worked out perfectly because Kieran was old enough to actually play + enjoy all that there was to explore.

They even had the same play garden I had when I was a kid! I couldn’t believe it. Watching him play with it hit me hard with some sentimental feels. 🥰

Kieran had so much fun; making his happy screeching noises – practically the whole time. As soon as the older kids we were with (ages 2 + 4) finished one activity, they were RUNNING to the next. It was a bit of a cardio exercise just to keep up, going from one side of the arena to the other, then upstairs, then back down to the play kitchen, and then all over again. They were moving nonstop unless they were taking a quick water break.

Other than a plethora of toys, they also have a ball-pit and an exclusive padded play area for crawlers. For walkers and older, they have a few bounce houses (one of them is craaaaazzy BIG!!), "rock" climbing gym, a mini trampoline, a little basket ball court and soooo much more!!

If you have a child (or a few!) ages 6 months to 6 years, this is the perfect place to escape from the house and burn off some energy. They even host parties and fun dinner play nights too!

We can't wait to go back to play again soon!

Check out their website here >>

Their Facebook here >>

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